Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Waiting yet again.

Still in the 2WW.  I am sure I will get my period over the weekend.  Not because I have any period symptoms but more that there is a lack of pregnancy symptoms.  I know, I know.  Very common for there to be none at only 3.5 weeks pregnant but I am so certain that when I ever finally do get pregnant I will feel different.  And I don't. 

I just emailed my nurse at the fertility clinic asking her to ask my Dr. what the next step is for us.  I tried to make an appointment with our Dr. when I was there for my IUI but she was of course on vacation for the last week and then is booked or in surgeries all of this week and next week and the next week etc.  I need to know what the plan is now before I get my period.

I want to do one more cycle of Letrozole and one more IUI.  I was leaning towards that and then a bloggers recent post about her final IUI resulting in a BFP inspired me to just try one more time before potentially moving on to IVF.  If I do one more cycle that brings me to 6 months of Letrozole and 4 IUIs.

So then what?  Different drugs and more IUIs?  More tests?  I am curious about getting a 3D sonogram of my uterus to check for scar tissue or anything else that is preventing implantation from happening.  Anybody had one of those before?

I had a pregnancy dream a few nights ago.  I dreamed that I went to the Dr. and the nurse/assistant (I never know who those people are) took a peek at my lady parts and determined that I was pregnant.  Somehow she could tell from just looking vaginally, lol!  Dreams are silly.  So then she did an ultrasound and there was for sure one implanted egg but maybe two others also.  I was so happy.  I was lying on the exam table looking at the ultrasound crying my eyes out and telling her "you have no idea how long I have waited for this".  Then I got off the table and had to leave because another patient was coming in.  I left the Dr. and was walking around I guess the neighborhood?  And then I realized that in my happy crying stupor I had left the Dr. office without putting my shoes back on.  So I was walking around barefoot.  And that's all I remember.  But that is one of the few dreams where I have managed to trick my mind into dreaming that I am really pregnant.  It was nice.

Other than emailing my nurse and having weird dreams I just got back into town after almost a week of being in Portland OR.  I went down to Portland to perform in a dance festival with the group of women I dance with.  It was pretty fun!  We all stayed together in a house (that should have been featured on an episode of the hoarders but that's another story) and got to explore Portland.  I shopped too much, drank too much and I even stayed up until 4 am one night!!!  That is unheard of for this old lady of 32!  My husband and dogs came down on the weekend and when my show was over we went to visit my in-laws.  That visit was short and sweet.  I got to see my two nephews which is always great because they live in Minnesota.  My father in law had a retirement party at his house which is on a river.  It was fabulous except for my puppy acting like an asshole.  She embarrassed me with her naughty behavior and then I got pissed at my husband for not being more proactive about not allowing her to jump on the guests and race around the food tables.  Fun times. 

My new dress and sunglasses!  On the river where my father in law lives.  This is literally his backyard.

We got home last night (we both took off Mon) and I was supposed to work today but then both my nanny families canceled on me!  So now I have all of today to catch up on housework and yard work.  I also took my car into the shop because it was leaking coolant and making the under the hood smoke.  Now I need a new radiator, hoses, thermostat, air filter, oil change and new tires and alignment.  So goodbye $1700.  Ugh.  I have been putting off the tires for seriously over 2 years.  I guess I should count my lucky stars I didn't blow a tire on the freeway and just face the music.  When I called my husband to discuss if we wanted to fix everything all at once or procrastinate a little longer he said  "just take it out of the joint account".  I freaked out and was like "NO WE WILL NOT!  That is our IVF money and we WILL NOT TOUCH IT!!!"  I have a bad habit of "borrowing" from my savings and then it just all slowly trickles away.  I will not use that money for anything else except IVF. 

Anyway, I am sure I will post again as soon as I hear from my nurse and of course when AF comes to town this weekend...sigh.


  1. Thinking of you! Two week waits should be out lawed!

  2. I will cross my fingers for you. A good test is a sonohysterogram where they put some saline in you and do an ultrasound at the same time. They can get a good look at your uterus and make sure all is clear. I will have another one next month before my 4th frozen embryo transfer attempt. Good luck to you!

  3. I am in the 2WW too, AF should arrive any day. Bitch.

    I do the same thing with my savings... we keep saying it is for IVF- but then something comes up. Makes me wonder...

    You look so great in that dress and what an amazing "back yard". That is my dream- owning a home on a price of river or lake; other than being a mother of course!

    I wish I had dreams I could remember. Especially pregnancy dreams. The dreams I do remember always revolve around work! WTH!?

  4. I'm with you in the dreaded 2WW as well. I'm going to visit the vampires for a progesterone test tomorrow morning and then another week until the verdict. I feel the same way you do... I feel like I should just know when I'm pregnant. Besides some random throbbing ovarian pain that just started (I've decided that somehow has to do with the crazily amazing spicy hot dog I had for dinner) I just feel exactly the same as always. I love that you dreamed you were barefoot and pregnant; maybe it's a great sign!!!

  5. I looove that dress! I'm hoping you're wrong & that this cycle was successful for you. It's true that most people don't get any symptoms until after a positive pregnancy test. But if AF decides to show up, I hope your next IUI works for you & that you can spend your IVF money on something more fun!