TTC at a glance

2002 - B and I finally realize we should be a couple

2003 - We get our first dog together after only being together 7 months.  Sometimes you just know it's right! 

2003 - I graduate college

2004 - We get our second dog!  We are very, very happy!

Skip ahead a few years:

2008 - B finally stops procrastinating and proposes...on top of the Empire State Building!  It's cool, it  was about 1:30 am and we almost had the place to ourselves.  It sounds so cheesy but it was
actually pretty romantic.

2009 -  We get married in August. 

2010 - JULY We move out of our very tiny apt. after 7 years and rent a much larger house!  We are so excited for change and it means we can start TTC!!!!

2010 - AUGUST We officially start TTC.

2011 - MARCH  I go to the Dr. for a regular pelvic exam and discuss the spotting I was experiencing.  Dr. cant see anything abnormal and chalks up the spotting to ovulation or possible polyps but will need to get an ultra sound to know for sure.  Dr. doesn't really think that it's a big issue.  We continue TTC every month.  I start using OPK like a fiend.  

2011 - JUNE  B gets his semen analysis done and the results are great, no problem there.  Damn it! 

2011 - NOVEMBER  I stop procrastinating and finally go get the ultra sound to see if we can get some more answers for why I haven't gotten pregnant yet.  Dr. cant see anything and says the ultra sound is "inconclusive".  We keep TTC on our own using OPKs and hope time will do the trick!

2012 - MARCH  We decide to get our shit together and go to a fertility clinic.  Right away I fall in love with our Dr.!  She breaks the news that based on the pain of my periods, the mid cycle spotting and the fact that we haven't gotten pregnant yet, she suspects I have Endometriosis.  She recommends that B should get another semen analysis and that I should do the ultra sound where they inject the dye and get a much better picture of what is going on in there.  Dr. also discovers that I have a slightly low thyroid and I start to take thyroid medicine every morning.  (was excited thinking I might lose 5 lbs really quickly but I didn't).  

2012 - MAY  B does another semen analysis and the results are actually better than before, over-achiever. 

2012 - APRIL  I get the dye ultra sound done and right away my Dr. can see that there are polyps or cysts in my uterus.  The good news is my tubes are open and clear....the bad news is I need to have surgery to remove whatever is in there! 

2012 - JULY  I go in for surgery and have over 20 polyps removed!  Dr. says it was almost  impossible for an egg to implant on the uterus.  She tells me my uterus is now perfect!  She tells us to go home and TTC on our own for 3 months.  She is very positive about our chances.  We try.  And try.  And try.  

2013 - FEBRUARY  Our 3 months of TTC turned into 6.  Life gets in the way.  I broke my foot and badly sprained my ankle in Nov. so I had a million Dr./PT appts. to deal with that.  I was a little overwhelmed.  We go back to the fertility clinic and our Dr. recommends moving to the next level...drugs, more ultra sounds and IUIs.  We knew it was coming.  

2013 - MARCH  I start my first round of Letrozole.  Don't notice any side effects, yay!  I have an ultra sound on CD13.  I believe one ovary was not doing too much but they counted 7 (I think it was 7, I gotta get better at writing this stuff down) follicles on the other side.  I was hopeful but I got my period 2 weeks later.

2013 - APRIL  Second month of Letrozole.  I opt to not do an ultra sound this time for the sake of our bank account.  I continue to use the OPK and we do everything we are supposed to do.  I get my period again.

2013 - MAY  Third month of Letrozole.  I have an ultra sound scheduled for Wed. the 15th.  I should
ovulate right after (or not, who knows) and as soon as I get the sign on the OPK we will have our first IUI.

2013 - MAY 18th  IUI #1!  B gets complimented on his sperm count/mobility etc.  

2013 - June 1st BFN.  I get AF.  Start fourth month of Letrozole and scheduled ultrasound for CD12 (June 12th).  Plan on second IUI if it falls on a day where I can actually go in for the procedure.  

2013 - June 12th Follicle count ultrasound...there were three again.  Not the right size yet but confident that in a few days they would be mature.  

2013 - June 15/16  IUI #2 on Sunday the 16th...Father's day.  Got the trigger shot on the 15th.

2013 - June 28th  BFN.  I get AF...if you are counting I got to have my period twice in June.  Lucky me.  I start 5th month of Letrozole.  Scheduled ultrasound and IUI for the week of July 10th. 

2013 - July 13th IUI #3 Got the trigger shot on the 12th.

2013 - July 24th BFN.  Started 6th month of Letrozole. 

2013 - August 5th IUI #4 Got a positive on OPK on Aug 4th so no trigger shot.  

2013 - August 17th BFN

2013 - August 20th  Meet with RE and decide to switch to Clomid with an FSH injection for two or three cycles.  Start Clomid that day on CD4. 

2013 - August 28th FSH injection. 

2013 - September 1st IUI #5 Had at least 3 good follicles at ultrasound and got the trigger shot on Aug. 31st. 

2013 - September 15th BFN.  Problem with our Clinic's finance dept and our insurance co.  So we have to skip a cycle.  Super PISSED!

2013 - October 14th BFN (natural cycle) Start Clomid for a 2nd cycle.  

2013 - October 22 FSH injection.

2013 - October 26th Ultrasound shows 8 (!) mature follicles so I get a trigger shot.  Warned about the high risk of multiples. We ignore them and proceed as planned.  

2013- October 27th IUI#6  

2013 - November 17th BFP!!!  I finally test a week after my missed period.  It's my first BFP!!!  3 years and 3 months of TTC before my first BFP...

2013 - November 20th Beta is in!  2, 587!!!  

2013 - November 27th  US #1, Only 1 baby!!!  Saw a fetal flicker but heartbeat wasn't strong enough to measure yet.  

2013 - December 4th  US #2, Heartbeat is good at 145! 

2013 - December 15th US #3, After a spotting scare the day before we find out baby is doing great and the heartbeat is 171! 

2013 - December 20th US #4, Baby is still growing and perfect with a heartbeat of 186!


I will keep you posted....


  1. 7 follies! HOLY CRAP!! I only ever produce one.. maybe two! Although, there was one cycle they thought I released FIVE! Still... BFN.

    I have my fingers crossed so tight for you!!!!!!

  2. I have no idea what number is good...what is it normally? Without drugs is it just supposed to be one? Why don't I know this stuff already? I wasn't sure when they said there were 7 if that was good or not so great. It will be interesting to see what it is after 2 more months of Letrozole. Maybe there will be 20, lol!