Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Just when you think you have it down cold...

My body decided to play a mean trick on me last night and screw up my perfect little ultrasound/trigger shot/IUI schedule that has worked out so wonderfully the last two months.  You know minus the fact that they both resulted in a BFN.

My work schedule is very inflexible and my cycle has perfectly lined up so I can schedule my ultrasound on a Wed when I have the afternoon off, get the trigger shot either on a Friday early am before work or Sat am and then do the IUI on Sat or Sunday which also works for my husband...oh yeah, that guy!  Remember him?  I need him for sperm.  He just gets to have one appointment where he gets a happy ending.  Fucker.  The point is, my cycle has been so nice and cooperative by landing on all the days where I actually have time to go into the fertility clinic and do what I need to do.   

So I was supposed to pee on the OPKs starting on CD10 which was Sunday.  I forgot.  No big deal, I haven't ovulated before CD14 in forever.  Then last night (CD11) I realized that I again had forgot to pee on the damn stick in the afternoon like I am supposed to.  I got out of bed and tested at 11pm.  I jokingly yelled to B that if we got a positive then we would have to do it, ugh!  Well that little fucker OPK looks up at me with a goddamn smiley face!  WTF?  Are you serious?!  I went back to bed and seduced B into some very sexy "let's get 'er done" love making.  Lucky for us we had actually just had sex the night before so if I really was already ovulating at least we covered it with the "natural" method.   

Let's review when I ovulated while on Letrozole:
March - O'd on CD14
April - O'd on CD16 (very late at night)
May - had trigger shot on CD16 and IUI on CD17
June - had trigger shot on CD15 and IUI on CD16

Why would it all of a sudden make me ovulate on CD11?  And did I ovulate earlier and just missed it because I forgot to test?

Alright let's move on.  I peed on another OPK this am and it was negative!?  Now what am I supposed to think?   As far as I know I have never gotten a false positive before.  I know lots of other ladies do but it hasn't happened to me...that I know of.

I called my nurse and she said to get an ultrasound today if possible so that we didn't miss ovulation and we could get a better idea of what is going on.  Of course I already had a vet appointment for my dog that I couldn't postpone, poor baby has a UTI :(  I quickly called the vet and thank god, they had a few later appointments for me to reschedule her into.   So my afternoon consisted of racing from work to my ultrasound appointment.  And then racing home to get my dog and then racing 15 miles north in rush hour traffic to get her to her Dr. appointment.  I know it's stupid that our vet is so far away but they are super affordable and we have been going there for forever!  I love them and so I put up with the distance.  

The ultrasound showed that I had a bunch (maybe 4?) of follicles on my left side (I think it was left, damn it,  I never remember!) but they were all way too small.  The other side had only one I think and it only measured at 16.  So it looks like I am still a few days away from ovulating.  I cancelled my previously scheduled appointment to check on the follies that was supposed to happen tomorrow.  I am going back in to check on them on Fri.  Unless I get a positive OPK before then I guess.  What a waste of time!  And money because the kicker is that while checking out with financing, I was informed that my insurance which had previously agreed to pay for a portion of the IUIs has since retracted that agreement and now we are paying for them out of pocket.  Awesome. 

I am still hopeful that the positive OPK was just a fluke and my body will grow those little follies nice and big so on Fri. I can count at least 3 mature ones and get that trigger shot so we can do the IUI on Sat.  I will be soooo PISSED if this cycle is a bust!

And now that B found out we are paying for the IUIs out of pocket he proclaimed that this would be the last one...uuuh, I think I get to have a say in this decision!  Jesus, it's a good thing that I am the one who is getting thousands of ultrasounds, getting penetrated with dildo cams, taking drugs (that increase your chance of freakin cancer!!!) on a very specifically timed schedule, got surgery for fucks sake, track my cycle and decipher what it means...because if it were up to him he would have thrown in the towel 2 years ago.  I cant picture any man being willing to put up with this kind of sacrifice and stress...unless it was the only way they got to have sex.  That I can picture. 



  1. With my first IUI cycle, I got a positive OPK on CD5 and freaked out. My RE didn't seem concerned, and said not to use OPKs. They've always seemed really accurate for me though. Anyway, I hadn't ovulated yet & did right on schedule around CD14. So not sure what's going on in there, but I guess false positives do happen. I'm hoping this is your lucky cycle!!!

  2. Ugh I'm sorry that your body is being strange. It sucks how even though we pump our bodies full of drugs that are supposed to make them behave, they still have minds of their own. I have my fingers crossed that things will work out and that this will be your cycle!

  3. I get false positives all the time. My doctor always makes me have blood work to find the surge. My LH is borderline high always but when it surges- it surges!

    I was dying at the part when you said how your husband only has to go once and gets a happy ending. So funny and true!

  4. I too get false positives all the time. In fact the Clear Blue Digitals- I am always positive. ALWAYS. I have to have blood work to detect my surge as well. I hope this cycle works out for you guys. The other day I told my husband about blastocytes hatching and he told me I lost my mind. Lol... men.

  5. Ohhhh I feel your pain girlfriend!! Trust me, cancelled cycles are THE WORST! You realize you just pumped your body full of drugs for nothing!! I have never used OPK, but I am hoping you got a false positive.

    As understanding as our husbands try to be, I don't think they can ever truly understand what this feels like from our side. For the women, IF treatment is such an invasion.. both mentally and physically consuming. I hope you get your BFP soon...