Belly Pics

6 weeks, still able to suck it in!

12 weeks, not able to suck it in.

14 weeks, just looking fatter...

16 weeks (and 3 days), not sure how long this bra will fit!

18 Weeks!  Large and in charge!
So hard to take a selfie...

20 weeks (and 2 days)! 
I am annoyed because my camera on my phone 
sucks and this was literally the 200th picture I took.

22 Weeks!  Working on some nice back fat rolls, lol!
I had to take my belly button ring out last week :( 

 24 weeks (and 2 days)!
Longing for my toned ass that I used to have back at week six!!!  
Why didn't I appreciate it then??? 

27 Weeks Sadly I never got around to doing a 26 weeks pic :(

28 Weeks, 3rd trimester!!! 

 30 Weeks

32 Weeks!

36 Weeks!  (I missed week 34...)

38 Weeks!


  1. So cute! Love your little bump!

  2. So cute!!!! When can I come visit?? ;-) We will be up for the Denver/Seattle game next year for sure! ;-)

  3. I think you look adorable! <3

  4. You are gorgeous! I love seeing the progression! I want that ring on your middle finger!!

    1. Awe, thank you sweet friend! I got that ring years ago at the Oregon Country Fair!!!