Thursday, July 4, 2013

Salt Creek photo shoot

I thought I would share some pictures of my visit home last weekend.

We went to Salt Creek which is a beautiful little beach with huge cliffs and mussel rock beds that jut out into the ocean.  You can walk around (on top of all the poor little mussels...I hate that part) and poke things in the tide pools.  It has become a family tradition to go to Salt Creek in the summer with my family when we all visit.  We use it as an opportunity to turn into camera whores and take a zillion pictures.  This time we were missing two of my sisters and my mom.

Me and Shilo.  It was absolutely GORGEOUS!  The water was actually warm.

Me and two of my sisters, A and R.  Also with Shilo and Ruby.  I think that's my sister's new fiance in the background on the left.

Striking a pose under a cool rock formation.

Me and my honey B!  Our pups are so cute sitting exactly the same way!

My dad with only part of his entourage of (there's always at least two or three PMSing) vixens!

The house where I grew up.  My dad built half of it by himself.  The town is so small that when you tell people you live in the purple house they say "oh yeah, I know where that is."

Old lady Ruby Tuesday waiting for the ferry.  It was really hot and we got ice cream!

Not a great pic of me...but Shilo looks so cute!


So a few weeks back I tried to add a slide show to my blog...I failed miserably!  I ended up adding a page in the menu titled 11 years of Adventure and I linked a flickr page with a few pictures of my husband and I depicting all our shananigans over the course of our relationship.  I had them in chronological order but then I tried to add a photo and fucked it all up.  Sorry.  I tried.  Why do they make this computer shit so fucking complicated?


  1. gorgeous photos! What a beautiful place to grow up :)

  2. Love all the photos! Your family looks like they are a lot of fun!! My blogger is all messed up. I mean my page that the public sees is fine but my dashboard font is so tiny I have to squint to read it! I hate technology SOMETIMES!