Monday, August 19, 2013

Let's talk about a different kind of follicle for a change.

You guys...I cut my hair!  I realize this is probably not very exciting for you but I have had the same long ass hair for at least 8 years!  I loved my long hippie hair.  It was kind of my thing.  I had the longest hair out of all of my sisters.  I had the longest hair out of all of my friends.  I had the longest hair out of all my co workers and clients.  For 8 years!  It was a long term, committed relationship I had going on with my hair.

I decided I had to cut it for a few reasons.  Here they are (just in case you wanted to know):

1)  The last two years I was in two dance projects where I had to wear my hair down and it got beat to shit.  People pulled it, dragged me across the stage by my hair, it got stepped on and I even had to get inside a trunk and have the lid closed with my hair hanging out of it.  This last year I had to curl and rat it up into the biggest messiest fro a white girl with straight hair can have for every single performance and dress rehearsal.

2)  Every time I have had a short(er) hair cut I have HATED it!  This might be because I was usually the person who gave myself the hair cut but still...I have never had a hair cut above my shoulders that I have liked.  I felt like it had been too long since I had tried something different and I needed to give it another chance just to prove to myself once and for all that I really do hate my hair when it is short. 

3)  I have been feeling like I need a change.  There is so much about this shitty infertility life that I have been living for the last 3 years that I have no control or power over.  I felt like I wanted to do something dramatic to shake things up and try to trick myself into thinking I hold the puppet strings to this little docudrama.

I mostly always post pics that are somewhat ambiguous and maybe slightly anonymous because basically no one in my life really knows about my blog.  My husband does but he is sworn to not read it (even though he is well aware of the name and could totally be reading it behind my back when he is at work).  There are a few people who don't know that we are infertile (very few) and I wanted to be able to not censor myself when talking about my friends or family.

Anyway, that's all about to change.  (And really, I have posted so much information about myself and my life that if any of my friends or coworkers came across my blog they would have to be the biggest moron to not figure out it's me!)  I feel like in order to show you what a big deal this is to me I have to post here they are!

The Before:

Performing last weekend.  You can see how I had to rat it so really it was even longer when it was washed and straight.

The After:

Right when I got home from the salon so it looks perfect.

Why yes!  That is a baby bunny that I am holding!  I'm saving that for a another post!

So I did it!  And I don't hate it!  I was scared to do bangs because I never really think they look good on me but I like these ones!  So that's all.  Just a post about my hair. 


  1. I love the new hair! And I know exactly what you mean about needing change and tricking yourself into believing you have the power over your own body. I'm so there. I wish I could do something different with my hair... but I always regret it!

  2. I LOVE IT! I have ridiculously curly hair (think Shirley Temple,) so I have to keep it long to ensure it won't afro out, even though it's a pain the butt in this southern heat. I'm extremely jealous of women who can have shoulder length hair; I think the cut looks amazing on you!

  3. I think it looks adorable! Seeing that bunny made me think of our newest pet, a bunny that has adopted our shed and yard to live in!

  4. Oh my gosh I loooove it!! Your hair looks so healthy and I love the colour :)

    I cut my hair into a PIXIE after my first IVF failed. I know it had to do with the emotions I was going through. I liked it but I am growing it out.

  5. I love your before AND after hair! Both beautiful! And I want to hold that bunny!

  6. I love it! It is so perfect for you!

    I was soooo trying to get up to Seattle for a NFL game this year and so I could see you... but, the Seahawks are sooo good this year getting tickets are nearly impossible! Errr!

    I can't wait to read about the bunny!

  7. Seriously adorable cut. You look fantastic! Rock it.

  8. Thank you everybody! :) sometimes change is good...