Monday, June 17, 2013

We gave it our best shot (wink, wink!)

I really feel like we nailed this time around!  Not that I think the result will be a BFP (still very skeptical about that) but the timing lined up perfectly and we (I) didn't screw anything up this time.  It seems like there is always something a little off that makes me question if we did EVERYTHING we possibly could to make this shit happen.  Not only did my body cooperate with ovulation by falling on days when I could actually do the ultrasound, trigger shot and IUI but I also managed to take my prenatals and thyroid meds on time everyday, that is a huge achievement.  This time I think I can be confident that it was a very good try. 

Wed afternoon  CD12  Ultrasound to count follicles.  Had three that looked like they would mature.  Ovulation still a few days off.  

Fri afternoon CD14  I still had a negative result on my OPK test.

Fri PM We had sex.  It was actually really hot sexy sex!  Not resentful TI sex.  It was our 11 year anniversary and my birthday (yeah ok, so I got wasted on my 21st bday and hooked up with the love of my life...I'm classy like that.  I did know him for 4 years prior to me turning 21.  There, don't judge me.) 

Sat AM CD15  I got an error sign on the OPK.  (ok, so it wasn't totally screw up free but I don't think it matters!)

I tested but I had already gotten up an hr before to go pee so when I peed on the stick I didn't have very much urine. 

 Sat AM I went in for my trigger shot in the ass.
Don't worry, that's not my ass.

I was pissed because my appointment was for 7:40 am but I didn't get led to the back room until 8:25.  They were really busy but I was irritated.  Especially since I was in the room for literally 45 seconds.  Good new is I checked with the nurse that the trigger shot IS an intra muscular syringe and was told yes it is.  That is great news because although I flinch involuntarily when they poke me it doesn't hurt!  I was getting freaked out from other people's post but now I know I can handle it assuming there are a lot more in my future.

Sat afternoon Got a positive :) on the OPK!  But no sex in preparation of B's contribution to our following am IUI.

Sun AM CD16  B went in for his part of the procedure. 
I still can't believe all he has to do is jerk it, so unfair.

Sun AM An hr and a half later I went in for the IUI.
I am making a face...just to be clear.

Last time was a breeze and all things considered this time was too except the nurse (same one as last time) couldn't get the catheter past my cervix.  She spent about 10 minutes poking around, resetting the speculum and poking around some more and then finally called in the Dr.  It was more embarrassing than uncomfortable or painful really.  I think her and my vagina were best friends by the end because she really got a very thorough meet and greet.  She was very apologetic about it and I was nice and said it was no big deal because it really wasn't.  The Dr. came in and determined the catheter was too curved on the end (or something like that) and got that sucker past the cervix and up into the uterus.  That was that.  I couldn't believe I didn't have any spotting...last time I did and there was a considerable less amount of time they were poking around that time...kinda strange.

Sun PM  Had TI.  Not as hot or sexy but not bad.  Formulaic and a little forced but in the end we both got what we came for...he he!

Mon AM CD17  Got a positive :) on the OPK again/still. 

Mon afternoon Got a positive :) on the OPK AGAIN!!! 
Plan on having TI tonight even if I have to take B by force.  I might spike his beer with a Ruffies and Viagra.  You cant fuck with this's just too perfect!



  1. Ha ha ha! I cracked up at this post!

    way to nail it... pun intended! Now, egg meet sperm... and fertilize DAMNIT!

    1. Seriously! There is nothing else we could have possibly done better so if it doesn't work this time IUI might not be the answer for us...there is no reason why it shouldn't work!

  2. Ruffies and Viagra... I might have to try that!!

  3. Hoping this one is the one for you!!

    Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday :)

    p.s. I tried to comment on the last post but I didn't see the comment area. I like your new background.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I was having issues trying to design it the way I wanted... I think if you click on the post THEN you can leave a comment. Annoying.

  4. I'm so happy things are going well this cycle! I love the new blog look :D

  5. Sounds just perfect to me! Crossing fingers for you, girlie.

  6. Ha! Viagra! Great post! Everything sounds like it went great! I remember the nurse having a hard time getting the catheter in me for one of my IUIs. Ow! So not cool. Fingers crossed that this cycle is successful!

  7. Sounds like the perfection of perfect cycles! Good luck to you!

  8. Holy crap this post is hilarious. Zero filter present.