Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Quick Update

I went in for an ultrasound to check how many follicles I had this time (month 4 of Letrozol) and it was pretty routine.  I had about 3 follicles that were all about 14.5 or 16.5...they are supposed to be 20 so hopefully I still have a few days before ovulation.  Good news because B is out of town tonight, we haven't had sex in days and days and I am WAY too busy to do an IUI until Sun!

 Last month I had 3 follicles too.  They said that's what they wanted to see but I am concerned that I should have more?!  Also last time the biggest one was about 17 ish if I remember correctly.  I am paranoid that they are not getting big enough.

A very flattering pic of me (pants off) at the Dr.
Thankfully they let me schedule my trigger shot for Sat am before I have to go to work and we scheduled the IUI for Sun!  If I get a positive on the OPK before that then I have to call and cancel the whole thing.  I am really hoping that the timing just works out this time and I can feel confident that we gave the IUI our best shot.  Last time once I scheduled the IUI I stopped testing with the OPKs because if I ovulated earlier than the appt. I would have had to cancel (sound familiar?).

I really don't want to be on Letrozol for very much longer.  Not because of any side effects...I have had zero!  But because I read that if you take it for more than 12 months it increases your chance of ovarian cancer.  That freaks me out!  I also still don't know what our insurance Co. is going to cover with the IUIs if anything so that will be a factor in how many more we do.  We are inching closer and closer to IVF.  I have a sinking feeling that is where we are headed.  My husband is in denial.  The money is too overwhelming for him.  Sigh.  It's overwhelming for me too.   Why cant we have chosen to be a Dr. and a lawyer for Christ's sake?! 

On a more positive note, if this IUI miraculously works then our baby will have been conceived on Father's Day...that would be kind of cool. 


  1. Father's Day would be a very cool day for that. I hope the timing works out for you! Grow, follies, grow!!

  2. Last month I had 3 follicles and my doctor was nervous because there were so many! She might have forgotten to double check her calculations, because in my mind 1 in 3 chances was a lot better than 1 in 0 chances. :)

    I also have no idea what's going on with my insurance. I has to sign a paper saying that I have a pre-existing condition, which I think means that at any point my insurance can decide that I have to pay in full. Not looking forward to that day.

    I LOVE the idea of IUI on Father's Day and just realized that my follicle check is on Saturday. My doctor just recommended IUI. If I don't get a positive OPK before then, I wonder if my IUI will be the same day?!? Somehow the thought of it happening on Father's Day makes it seem like it absolutely has to work!

  3. Father's Day would be an awesome conception date! I hope that your follicles decide to hold off for a few more days and get to that magical 20 mark. Fingers crossed that the IUI goes well and you don't even have to think about IVF!

  4. Ahhh a Father's day conception.... how romantic.

    3 follies is great! I hope that you dont ovulate before then and that you can control this cycle enough to get the IUI done!

    I am hoping and praying for you.. if I could dance I would do that too...