Tuesday, May 21, 2013

IUI #1/Bye honey, I'm off to get knocked up!

So I guess I should report on my IUI that I had on Sat.  Let me back up a little first.  I had an ultrasound on Wed. which was CD13.  I had 3 follicles that I think were a little small but the Dr. thought were still growing and a few days away from maturing.  She said the Letrozole (femara) is doing it's job.  For some reason she asked me what day would be good for me to do an IUI.  From my understanding at this clinic they refuse to schedule an IUI until you get a positive on an OPK.  I had not gotten a positive yet.  I explained that I was super busy (I always am but even more so than usual) for the next two days and that I was really hoping that I wouldn't ovulate until CD15 or later because I didn't know how I could possibly fit anything else into my schedule.  She miraculously suggested we just schedule the IUI for Sat!!!  I didn't inquire about their policy even though I was massively confused and just blurted out "that would be AMAZING!".  We set up a trigger shot for Fri morning before I went to work (I actually had to go in late) and then made an appt. for B to make his deposit on Sat at 8 am and I went in for the IUI at 9:30.  It all sounds good, right?  It's never that simple as you all know.

I had tested with an OPK on Wed (CD13) in the morning and it was negative.  I had been testing since CD10 both in the am and the pm because the last two cycles I would get a negative in the morning and then around 11pm it would be positive.  So I thought that would be a smart thing to do.  So this Dr. (not my official Dr. just the lady reading the ultrasound) told me to test in the afternoon and not to test more than once a day because sometimes you can get a false positive if you test that often.  Uh, WHAT????  Maybe I am stupid but that doesn't make any sense to me!  Explain that to me if you can please....anyone?

So she goes on to tell me that if I go home and test that night or the next am and get a positive then I HAVE to come in to do the IUI on Thurs which was basically impossible for me to do.  She suggested either crossing my fingers and testing on Thurs am and hope to god that it's still negative or just wait until Thurs afternoon to test.  It was confusing.  That might not have even been what she told me to do.  So I didn't test at all.  I went home and had sex with B that night in case I ovulated before Sat. and just waited for my Fri/Sat appointments.  That's just the best I could do this time around.  I don't have jobs where I can just take a half day or even call in sick and I had rehearsals and theater commitments that there is no way I could get out of.  So I might have ovulated on Thurs. or Fri. and missed it...besides our natural attempt which we pretty much can guarantee doesn't work.  Which means we did the trigger shot and IUI for no reason.  Or we did it perfectly.  Who knows.  Shit. 

The trigger shot and IUI were a piece of cake for me.  The shot in my ass (I was kinda excited cause it was the first time I can remember getting a shot in my ass!)  wasn't bad and I basically felt next to nothing during the IUI.  The Dr. (different Dr. than the ultrasound one) who did my IUI was really cool and told me that all the Dr.s have a "baby board" where they compete to see who has gotten the most women pregnant.  She said she is currently in the lead so I had the Dr. with the most successful outcomes!  When she left I said, "thanks for maybe knocking me up!"

So now yesterday (and today just a little bit) I have been feeling a little crampy. Yesterday was noticeably crampy.   Just like when I feel some ovary pain during ovulation.  Or even how my period cramps are now since my surgery which are mild in comparison.  It could be 3 different things.
#1 I am ovulating now - but that's impossible with the trigger shot right?
#2 I did get roughed up in my performance sat/sun nights.  We really wrestle and knock each other on the ground in one section.  Maybe it stirred up whatever is going on inside me?
#3 Implantation cramping?  I HATE even thinking it.  I don't want to get my hopes up in the slightest bit.  Been down that road WAY too many times.

Anybody who has done IUI before have any thoughts?

On another note, I had the extreme pleasure of evesdropping on a conversation between a group of moms today.

Mom 1) Oh I would just love to get pregnant again but I just dont want the baby!
Mom 2) I totally understand, I loved being pregnant!
Mom 3) My husband doesn't want to have another baby because I just couldn't have sex with him for the whole 9 months.  I just felt like it wasn't my body, it was the baby's.
Mom 2) I know!  I didn't want to have sex with my husband with both my pregnancies.

God, fucking shove something through my ear drums RIGHT NOW YOU BITCHES!

And just for fun I will share that when I came home from work I got to watch my dog shit out my panties.  Thanks dog.


  1. Good luck! I have no experience/advice with IUI's but it sounds like you gave it a good shot, so I'm hoping it works for you. Oh, and screw those stupid women! Who doesn't have sex for the whole pregnancy (unless medically mandated?) What wackos.

  2. Ha ha ha! Damn dog!

    I am usually crampy after ovulation as well. The rise in progesterone can do that. It feels like AF (for me anyway.

    3 follies is great!

  3. I don't get crampy ever, but when I did after my 3rd IUI, I thought for sure that I was pregnant. It turns out that I wasn't and I was so bummed. I am convinced that my mind is playing tricks on me.

    That is funny about the dog! Gotta love them! Life is always interesting when they are around! :)

    Good luck! I hope this IUI worked! :)

  4. Stephanie, thank you for your level headed honesty! I totally fake myself out too. I get carried away with every little twinge when really I'm sure it's all just gas, lol!

  5. Hi there, new reader here. So first, I don't get how using OPKs more than once a day can give a false positive...I think I have heard that FMU can sometimes give false positives, but don't know why multiple testing a day would matter. If anything, it could help you catch the start of a surge more accurately, no? But I do know that many suggest testing in mid/late afternoon for most accurate results.

    I've had 6 IUIs, with my 7th this week (we have no IVF coverage so hoping one of these IUIs will stick), and I've had a range of cramping afterwards. Unfortunately, none of which were pregnancies, but that's not to say it can't be. My last IUI was brutal, they had a hard time getting the catheter in so it scraped me up pretty good and about 3 days later I was really crampy and spotting from it.

    If I'm understanding your timing, you had the IUI Sat and were cramping on Tues? I'd say that could likely be from the IUI procedure, but it may also be early IB. It's so hard to know. I'm told that trigger shots ensure ovulation 24-36 hours later around 98% of the time, so you likely already ovulated.

    Hope the symptoms are for a good reason. Hang in there during your 2WW. Sending you positive vibes!

  6. Thanks Sarah! I will stick to the once a day mid afternoon opk testing from now on. I totally understand you on the no coverage for IVF! We are probably going to end up having to pay out of pocket for our IUIs also. The Fertility clinic billed our insurance co. anyway since it was our first one so we shall see what they send back to us! If we do have to pay for them out of pocket then I only see us doing one more...I just feel like for endometriosis it doesn't really boost our chances enough to keep throwing our money away. I have a friend who got pg with her first IUI (bitch, I know) but they were dealing with some unruly sperm issues and that is not the case for us. I have felt nothing in the way of symptoms since last weekend so I am 99% sure it was unsuccessful. I guess you never know though...

  7. I just did my 2nd IUI. I haven't had cramping either time (well, until my period came after the 1st one-- grrr). My insurance doesn't cover IVF (or surrogacy. or adoption.) so I'm reeeeeally hoping one of these IUIs works. Good luck to you!!