Monday, May 13, 2013


Hmm, this could be interesting!


  1. I have seen foundations like this! Are you interested in the grants? I looked into it. I was wondering about the $50.00 application fee... but it might totally be worth it! Especially for us PNW people who don't get IF coverage!!

    1. I would be thrilled to get a grant to put towards IVF! I guess maybe I'm jumping the gun a little bit but I just have a gut feeling that is where we are headed. I wouldn't feel bad about the $50 app. fee even if I got denied (for some crazy reason!) because it still goes to a cause I obviously support. I plan on doing more research in this area for sure. I also talked to another blogger about an IVF trial study she is involved in...if UW hospital had a study that I could be a part of I'd shit a brick!

    2. I applied for an IVF study in NY. Too bad the travel cost would have ruined the savings. I wish someone here in the NW would have one!!! UGH! I wonder what the child ratio is in states with IF coverage oppose to those without!...