Wednesday, February 5, 2014

16 weeks, 3 days

Today marks 16 weeks, 3 days!  I still haven't felt her move yet.  I can't wait to feel her!

 I snapped out of my blah mood from last week and had a pretty nice weekend.  I had lunch with my sister and we went to a Thai restaurant I used to go to all the time when I lived in that neighborhood.  We actually stopped going there because we thought the food was going downhill but this weekend it was so good!  Hands down the best Tom Kah soup I've had in years!  I've been dreaming about it ever since.

After lunch we picked up one of my other sisters and went to Babies R Us.  Seriously.  We did.  The whole drive there I felt uneasy and nervous.  Not that I would have any problem picking things out...I have a pretty good grasp on what I need and what is completely unnecessary.  It was just the idea of me, an infertile, being granted the right to go inside a place like that and buy things for my baby like I was a normal person.  Crazy.  It was also a little cringe worthy.  The years of failure at conceiving has left a bitter taste in my mouth (heart) for all the obnoxious ooing and ahhing that goes on in these places.  Yeah, it's a fucking baby blanket, get over it.  That's my attitude.  Babies R Us is like shopping at a baby themed Walmart, teen moms, white trash moms with cigarettes behind their ears threatening to spank their toddler in the middle of the store, toothless grandmas...they are all there.

Still I did feel slightly victorious as I walked out with my handful of purchases.  I got a diaper changing pad because B and I started looking on Craigslist for a dresser for Hazy's room.  Because her room is small my plan is to throw a diaper changing pad on the top of the dresser and have that be our changing station instead of trying to cram an extra piece of furniture in there.  The people I nanny for do just that and it works great.  I wanted to get the pad so when we go look at dressers I can bring it with us and we can make sure it will work the way we want it to.  I got a cover for the diaper pad that I really liked and also picked out crib sheets that I loved.  My sisters and I looked through ALL the baby clothes.  Girls and Boys.  Most were horrible, Winnie The Poo (sorry I hate it!), Curious George (also hate), Mickey, Minney, Tigger...the gang was all there.  GAG.  But I did find a very cute ruffley onesie that's almost like a dress that is navy blue with little white polka dots.  It's going to be the back up outfit at my sister's wedding in case Hazy decides to have a big blowout in whatever her real wedding outfit is going to be.  My sister gets to pick that outfit, it's her wedding.  She is letting me wear whatever I want and for that I am eternally grateful!  I will be about 3 weeks postpartum, give or take, by her wedding (due date July 20th, wedding Aug 22) and I anticipate being a fat, saggy bellied, giant leaky boobed hot mess who has to breastfeed every hour.  Sexy.  I was supposed to wear the same dress as all my other sisters but I don't think there's any way in hell that will be able to happen. 

I also got a a snoogle pillow to help me stay on my side at night.  I ended up getting the Babies R Us brand because it was 4 bucks cheaper and it came with a washable zip cover that had a palatable design.  I actually love it!  It is so comfortable.

So the Superbowl happened.  And I live in Seattle.  So EVERYBODY was completely wigged out of their minds about the game.  B included sadly.  He is not normally a sports freak but this season he has been following the Seahawks religiously every week.  It's been a strain on our relationship.  Not really.  It's just annoying.  I keep asking him, "Who are you?  This person screaming at the television is not the man I married!"  Anyway, I made the best of it and made some seriously kick ass blue and green cupcakes with a cream cheese, coconut frosting....amazeballs!!!  I made 36 of them.  I've been eating an average of two a day since Sunday.  I did take them to the Superbowl party that we manipulated our uninterested friends to host and I gave 6 to one of my sisters.  But I have eaten the lion's share.  And I don't regret one bite.

Tomorrow I finally have my second midwife appt.  As I stated last weekend I am pretty sure it will be anticlimactic although I am looking forward to chatting with my midwife and getting to know her better.  I might even meet the other midwife who could very likely deliver the baby depending on who is available.  I just checked Hazy's HB before I wrote this post so I wouldn't get any nasty surprises during the baby checkup.  Her HB was pretty easy to find and is still sitting around 150.  I think she will give us the info on where to make our anatomy scan appt.  Equally terrifying and exciting since I haven't seen Hazy since our last US at 10.5 weeks.  She will have changed so much and she will look like a baby!  Hopefully, gulp! 

Alright, that's it for me but I want to encourage you to go send a message of support and love to Mrs. B at Fertility Schmertility.  She is waiting on a diagnosis of one of her twins and needs all the love we can give her! 

Also Lamenting the Lentil could use some love too.  She is stuck in the hospital trying to buy her twins more time before they arrive.  I imagine she is alternating between terror and boredom so drop her a message! 


  1. What an adorable dress! Glad your sister is letting you wear what you want! That's awesome!

  2. I want to eat those cupcakes!!!
    I just put a changing pad on top of a dresser too. Looks like it will work great! As long as it's at the right height, I don't really see the difference between that and a fancy changing table. Multi-functional in the way to go!
    I'm glad to hear everything continues to go well!

  3. Oh that polka dot outfit is darling!

    I have wondered how I will react to all the fun baby stuff if I get pregnant...we are so scarred from our infertility experiences. But I truly think that if anything it makes us more appreciative of the pregnancy, the miracle, the blessing. We don't take it for granted. We may worry more, and know more about the things that can go bad, but we hopefully have a better perspective how on amazing it really is if it happens for us.

    Try to enjoy what you deserve it!

  4. HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was way into it. WAY into it. Best day ever. I hope your ultrasound went well. That is a LONG time to go without saying hello in person. Babie's R Us sounds just about how I remembered the one time I hit the one up in Lynwood. Horrid. I know that I will go in there at some point. Glad you are happy with what you found though! The timing on the wedding sounds... fun.... for you. Ha! Just intend a happy and comfortable experience!

  5. You are so sweet. Thank you for thinking of me x