Wednesday, January 29, 2014

15 Week, 3 day word vomit

Blah.  That's how I feel today.  I know, "Shut up you're pregnant!" you're all screaming.  I get it.  Still this is my blog and I will complain if I want to.  I don't even really have much to complain about.  I just had a slightly uncomfortable afternoon/evening yesterday (my lunch just did not sit well with me) and then I sneezed in the middle of the night after returning from my nightly bathroom visit and it fucking hurt!!!  I think because I was lying on my side and my abs weren't able to engage or something but that sneeze was a mutha fucka!  Okay I realize you are about to delete me for complaining about a sneeze.  This morning when I woke up I just felt so tired and my belly was just uncomfortable.  Not crampy but just a slight pressure and general aching with all my ligaments stretching and my organs getting pushed up and squished.  Doing the simplest activities like walking up stairs makes me feel winded.  Really for no reason it made me weepy and I almost cried while driving to work.  I sucked it up though.  I know that what I'm experiencing is next to nothing and I think it was mostly just all mental. 

What else.  I bought expensive Burt's Bees Mama Belly lotion to try and prevent the impending stretch marks and it gave me a lovely rash all over my belly.  So, rash or stretch marks?

 I was granted permission to sign up for birth classes with this birthing class guru lady even though the last class is 2 days after my due date and they want you to finish the class 2-5 weeks before that.  I can't attend the earlier session because of work.  As it is I have to get a sub for my last dance classes (the last classes before their end of the year recital!) to be able to go to the first class.  So I am barely squeezing in birth classes.  They were actually really nice and told me that the last class is a breast feeding class and I can go to the earlier session's breast feeding class but unfortunately I can't miss the last two Tues. of classes before recital.  So I am just hoping little miss decides to come a few days late.

Every couple of days I use my fetal doppler and check up on Hazy (that is her official nickname...unless we make a last minute decision when she's born).  Her HB is so much easier to find now.  She is always just a little off to the right way down by my pubic bone.  It astounds me that she is still way down there where it's still relatively flat territory while the rest of my belly has exploded like a balloon with all my displaced organs.  It's weird.  Anyway Hazy's HB is usually around 150 and it always makes me happy to hear it.  It's a little reality check because even though my belly is growing it is still an abstract idea to me that there is a real live baby inside me.  I can't wait until I can feel her moving.

Should we talk about poop?  Lets!  Pooping has gotten weird.  I am pretty sure it's mostly my Iron supplements that I have to take.  My midwife did blood work and I'm anemic.  The Iron turns my shit almost black and tends to constipate people.  I am having fairly regular BMs but I am always really excited if I feel like it was an especially large one or if it happened without much effort.  When I do have to make a BM it's way more urgent then it used to be.  Not like I'm gonna shit my pants (yet) but like I gotta find a bathroom and take care of business asap, I can't wait til I get home.  Ok, we can stop talking about my shit now.  

We officially kicked my pup out of bed :(  Sad because she is the BEST cuddler and is so warm and soft.  But she insists on sleeping between me and B usually with her head tucked under a chin or buried in an armpit and inevitably her paws end up in someones back.  And she has to be under the covers.  Total cock blocker.  She overheats a couple times a night and switches to on top of the covers down by our feet but then cries to get back under the covers 45 min later.  So sleep is disrupted and when Hazy arrives I can't have my dog trampling her while we are asleep!  Also I know our sleep will be a thousand times more precious than it is now and we can't have our dog making things worse.    The last two nights she slept on her dog bed on the floor next to ours and it's gone surprisingly well.  Our old dog is a lost cause.  She still cries to jump up and get under the covers in the middle of the night but at least she always sleeps at B's feet.  She also wakes B up once a night to go outside and poop.  There's really nothing we can do about that so I think that will be daddy diaper changing time, ha ha!

I am going to have to mediate between my mother and my sister over my effing baby shower.  My sister is a total pinterest, crafty, baker type and threw my bachelorette party and my surprise 30th birthday party.  So it was natural that as soon as I told her I was pregnant she would start planning my shower.  She also lives in the same city as me.  My mother, who does not live in the same city but lives 3 hrs away, has now lamented twice to me about how she feels sad that she can't throw me a baby shower.  I have told her that she can co host the shower with my sister and I have no preference over who is involved but she needed to talk to my sister about it because I knew my sister was already making plans.  My mother claims that she has tried to text and call her but my sister ignores her.  Sigh.  So my sister just texted me today wondering if we can hang out on Sat and talk about the baby shower so I am going to have to tell her to make my mother feel included.   All I truly care about is I want there to be donuts and mimosas and I will be having both! 

One week from tomorrow is my 2nd midwife appt.  I am sure it will be anticlimactic but I am looking forward to it!

At this point I have told all the people I work for that I am pregnant.  I am pretty sure I have told everyone who I think should hear it come out of my mouth so all that's left is the FB announcement.  B is anxious to do one so that all his peripheral friends know about it.  I am still dragging my feet.  Once it's out there it's out there.  I feel like who gives a shit if all those people know that we are having a baby?  If they don't know it's because they obviously aren't close enough friends to have seen or talked to us in the last 4 months so how important can they be?  But I have told him we can make an announcement after our midwife appt. next week.

I guess that's all for now!   I'll leave you with a picture of my pup, she likes to lie in front of the heat vent until she is roasting hot and panting.  So cute!


  1. Remember when you announced your pregnancy, you considered re-naming the blog to "Pregnant and STILL pissed!"

  2. Your dog is so cute! Just because you aren't all sunshine and rainbows doesn't mean you aren't grateful to be pregnant. Pregnancy is HARD!

  3. How cute is your dog?

    I agree with JAllen, you should call the blog pregnant and still pissed, that's so funny! You have every right to complain, you aren't obligated to feel any differently than a fertile pregant lady would.

  4. Love reading about poop! But seriously... I've been anemic all of this pregnancy & have the same issues.
    My sister sounds like yours. My sister and mom co-hosted my shower and it created so much stress between the two of them. Ha ha. My sister planning elaborate fancy foods and decor, and my mom wanting to buy everything they have at Party City. My sister is bossier, so her style won :)
    I like "Pregnant and Still Pissed" too!

  5. Ugh poop issues are the worst. I'll be dedicating a blog post called TMI soon lol. You can still complain and be grateful:)

  6. I am sorry that you seem so miserable right now and I hope that passes!
    P.S. Your pup is gorgeous! :)

  7. Yep, I'm feeling you on the shit front as well. It's painful, annoying and generally scary. Sometimes I feel like something is wrong in my stomach but then I do a big one and everything is fine again. I put this in the same category as pregnancy gas! The joys hahaha. I'm having a similar issue with my baby shower, 4 friends with different ideas are getting a bit territorial (I threw some of theirs). I just want chips, icecream and presents please.

  8. Haha. Poop! Dang iron supplements. And crappy work scheduling, but good that you got in on the birthing class. Your pup is SO FREAKING ADORABLE. I kick my dog out of bed all the time, whereas J will suffer silently when Chile is hogging his side of the bed. J will actually wake me up and complain about not having any space in bed. He calls me "mean mommy" when I kick Chile off. I told him that I will be REALLY mean if I don't get good sleep. HA! Oh and I agree with you about not giving a crap about all the peripheral people knowing on FB.