Monday, February 24, 2014

Defiled and it feels so good...

 Not really my filing cabinet but it was close to this!

No, nobody touched me inappropriately if that's what you thought!  I just wanted to lure you in with an enticing title...and it worked, right?! 

What I really mean is every Sunday for the last month has magically turned into some sort of preparation for Hazy's room.  One weekend we bought the dresser and moved other furniture out of there to make room for it.  One weekend we picked up the crib and dumped it in the room in about 8 pieces where it sat for another week.  This last weekend B put the crib together and I cleaned out the filing cabinet with years and years of old bills, old car insurance info on cars long gone, old tax records, old health insurance records from jobs long gone, random very old pay stubs, old parking tickets (why?), etc.  It was a MESS!  Almost all of the papers were from between 2003-2009 ish.  2003 was a long ass time ago, my friends!  Nothing was really filed in an organized way and it hasn't been a functional filing system for a very long time.  It was just a place I would stick important documents and know that if I really needed to find them I could clean out the filing cabinet and fingers crossed, I would probably come across them.

The thought of cleaning it out and dealing with all the papers was very overwhelming for me.  I am not good with papers and organizing and I tend to just let them pile up and ignore them for long periods of time.  By the time I get around to forcing myself to deal with them I find that I can throw away about 90% of the papers as they have become so out of date they are no longer current issues to deal with.  It's not a good habit, I know this.  I'm trying to work on it.

Anyway, my desire to have the crib and dresser in the right spots with as much shit out of that room as possible trumped my habit of procrastinating and I faced the file cabinet of doom.  I totally de-filed that shit!   Just like I thought, I was able to throw away about 98% of the papers.  98%!!!  It made me realize that now in the age of paying bills online and online banking you really don't need to save records of bills you have already's so easy to look it up on line now.  I have learned that I really never have a reason to save pay stubs, it's just unnecessary to keep years worth of them in a drawer!  All I ended up keeping were copies of my SS card, copies of our marriage certificate, a manilla envelope with papers and diagrams of our wedding planning (I should make a scrap book out of it but I don't do that), copies of our taxes from 2007- now and two binders full of teaching curriculum and lesson plans.  That's it!  I got all the drawers completely cleaned out and B moved the cabinet down to the basement.  It feels so incredibly good to have it taken care of!  I have always felt like there were important things in that file cabinet that I should be dealing with and because I wasn't dealing with them I was an irresponsible person and it made me feel bad.  Now that weight has been lifted and it feels amazing! 

I am not going to share photos of the progress we have made so far on Hazy's room because I am planning on shocking you all with the before photo and the final, finished after photo when it is truly all done.  (It really wont be that shocking)  That wont be until June so you have a while.

Next week I will tackle the bookshelf that is going to stay in her room.  I have been using it for all my Pilates manuals and DVDs, our photo albums and office supplies.  I will have to clear all of that stuff off of it and figure out new homes for all of them.  This will then force us to go through all of our books, CDs, VHS videos (yep still have some) and DVDs and see how much we can get rid of.  We also need to go through our clothes, shoes (gulp!), various closets and the storage room in our basement to see what we can live without.  I really want to get rid of as much shit as possible.  The last couple of years living in the house where we are now it seems like we have let our new found space get cluttered.  That is not what we wanted to do so this is a good time to go through everything and really consider if it is crucial enough to keep and if not, it's gone!

Hazy has decided to keep torturing me with her lack of movements.  I don't understand why I felt her so clearly two weeks ago for two days and since then nothing.  It stresses me out.  In fact I am going to check her HB right now, hang on a sec.

Okay she's still in there with a HB in the mid 140's.  I swear she just punched the doppler when I finally found her...she has totally moved over to the other side!  Still doesn't explain why I haven't been feeling her but hopefully everything is fine.  I am starting to get very anxious for our anatomy scan on March 14th.  It still feels like it's forever away.

I think I forgot to post that Mo has agreed to be our doula!  And for a crazy low price since she knows us and she will be able to use our birth towards her doula certification.  I am so excited!  B and I are going to meet with her soon to talk about of birth plan and all the other things one talks about with a doula.  It's such a relief to already know I feel comfortable with her and that we don't have to shell out another 2K to have the support I want to have during the labor.

Okay, I guess that's it for now.  I am going to enjoy my last morning off from nannying since my nanny family went to mexico last week.  I'm gonna go make some pancakes and poke my belly until Hazy moves!

Ps. the dress came and it is actually more of a red color than a coral so it will not work for the wedding.  I am keeping it anyway since it is very light weight and I am sure I will be glad I have a cute, summery dress that I can easily nurse in for August and hopefully most of Sept!  Still on the hunt for a dress for the wedding though....


  1. Oh my gosh would it really have been 2K for a doula? And to think I am to cheap to pay $400! haha

    So glad to hear things are going well for you. I find it stressful when baby refuses to move or slows down her movements... I don't think I'll stop stressing until she's here! and even then I'll probably still stress...

    1. It's about $1200 to $2000! If you can get one for $400 I would do it! I have heard so many times that the doula made the biggest difference during labor. I am hoping the most supportive voice/presence will be my husband but I am happy to have a back up in case he freaks out!

  2. Aw Hazy don't worry your mommy! LOL they tend to tuck in or slip toward your back and worry you sometimes. Once she gets a little bigger there won't be any more hiding!

  3. Awesome, I just did our filing cabinet. You are so orgnanised. I totally get the stress of the lack of movement though, but I have learnt it's TOTALLY normal at your stage to be getting it on and off. I find if I want the boys to move eating ice and lying on my left side seems to help. Don't worry though, in two weeks she won't stop moving!

  4. Is it possible that Hazy has moved to the side where your placenta is which is muffling her movements? Just a thought.

    Congratulations on finally tackling that filing cabinet! For some reason this baby has made me want to clean all the things, including our bookshelf and closets. I have clothes from my college years that I haven't worn since moving to Mississippi that I'm dying to donate now, I just need to find a weekend to do so!

    Yay for finding a (cheap) doula! I'm still on the hunt, hopefully ours wont cost $2,000!

  5. I just had to say Hello! I don't know why I haven't found your blog till now, but I love it! I just spent the last 2 days reading every single post and cracking up the whole time! I am so happy for you and am holding out hope on my own journey. I have a blog, but have kept it private because I was too scared that someone I know would find it. But I think I might need to change that, because I get so much support from reading so many of your blogs and want to do that for others too. Only I'm not funny and I think my stories are boring and depressing, so maybe I should just leave it be, ha.


    1. Ha! Hi, welcome! Thanks for the flattering review! I will be checking out your blog so get ready for some comments ;)

  6. Wow, I'm jealous of all your purging (that sounds weird, but you know what I mean). My future nursery is still totally not started yet, and it's really beginning to freak me out. That must have felt so good to get rid of all that excess paperwork. I really need to follow in your footsteps!