Sunday, January 5, 2014

Really boring post about my diet and budget...I apologize.

Ugh,  I have to go back to work this week.  I had a week off during Christmas and then a light work week last week.  I had a three day weekend but now tomorrow it's back to all of my jobs.  Fuck.  I am constantly wanting more time off but then when I have the time off I realize that I don't have any money so it's probably a good thing that I will start bringing in the cheddar again. 

Hmmm, what the hell have I been doing that I can pretend is interesting enough to tell you?  Sorry, going with bullet points.

1)  Today I hit the 12 week mark!  I know I need to get through this week before I am officially out of the first trimester but it's so close I can taste it!  

2) Had my first official midwife appt. on Fri.  Still really like her.  I met the student midwife and she also is really nice.  I was there for about an hour while they went over my health history and talked to me about everything from water intake and nutrition to weather or not I would be breastfeeding and how I was feeling emotionally.  The best part was hearing the heartbeat!  Except I really couldn't hear it very well but the midwives were happy with what they heard so I am taking their word for it.  I still need to order the doppler so I can do it at home....I wont get to hear the heartbeat again until my next appt in a MONTH!  So far away from now.  No planned US either.  I think the next time I have an US is the 20 week anatomy scan!  It will be absolutely insane to see how much the baby actually looks like a baby by that point. 

Based on that conversation I have recommitted myself to drink more water and to try to monitor it.  My sister got a three pack of water bottles from costco over xmas and gave me one of them.  They have measurements on the side so it will be easy to track and honestly if I carry around a water bottle I am much better and drinking it!  

God this is boring.  Sorry.

They also talked to me about getting enough protein.  I am a vegetarian so it's actually pretty hard to get the 60 grams of protein they want me to get each day.  Normally I just eat what I want and don't every really pay attention to how much protein or iron are in what I'm eating.  I have discovered that it's really fucking challenging for me to manage to eat 60 grams.  Yesterday I only made it to about 45 grams and I was really trying.  Today I am doing better, I'm at actually over 60 grams and I have a protein packed dinner planned for later.  Phew!  What's so tricky about it is I don't eat meat and while I eat soy I am trying to not eat too much soy because of my suspected endometriosis.  A lot of fake meat products have a good amount of protein but A) are usually made with soy and B) are usually very processed which I am also trying to stay away from.  This is what I ate today to achieve 66 grams so far:

Non fat Greek yogurt with granola and blueberries =15 grams
Two eggs with cheese and 4 fake sausages and 8oz of milk = 40 grams (roughly...guestimated the cheese)
Apple with peanut butter = 5 grams
1 wax covered cheese = 6 grams
Dinner will be a bean, rice and cheese burrito with fake ground beef crumbles.  So I will probably hit the 75 gram mark by tonight!  Woo hoo!  (I have noticed the lack of vegetable intake and will be pairing my burrito with a giant salad.) 

It was exhausting though.  And then I have to do it all again tomorrow, sigh.

My midwife also drew my blood and had me pee in a cup to retest me for all the STDs and iron levels.  I had been tested for all the STDs way back when we first started TTCing but guess what?  They are now out of date. 

3)  I made a budget.  This is a big deal because I have never really made a budget for myself before.  Of course I've had savings goals but I've never taken a hard look at my income and where it all goes.  I pretty much know where it all goes because I don't really make that much money so there really isn't a lot to track.  I have rent, bills, student loans, dog expenses, food, gas/car maintenance and that's about it.  There is usually enough for me to cover everything and I am able to save a little bit each month but some months are way tighter than others and I generally just buy what I want when I want or need it.  

I made a budget at and it really helps me to see it all laid out.  Duh, right?  Yes I'm fucking 32 and just now finally getting my shit together!  So what?  Anyway, I created a savings plan for when the baby comes and I'm on maternity leave (I have zero benefits at all of my jobs) and just for fun I created a savings plan for going back to Hawaii.  In 2016.  I was horrified to learn that in the month of Dec. I spent over $700 dollars on groceries.  For just me.  B buys his own groceries.  There is definitely some cross over when we plan a meal together but for the most part I buy my food and he buys his.  700 fucking dollars!!!  Needless to say I set my grocery budget at $400 for the month so I can only spend $100 per week.  I spent $100 this weekend at the grocery store so now I CANNOT go back to the store until next weekend, gulp!  Not sure if I will make it but I will try. 

I also forced B to come up with a goal that he can save before the baby comes.  We actually came up with the same number so if all goes as planned (I anticipate it wont) we will each save a matching amount.  If we do actually manage to hit both our goals I think we can swing a trip to Hawaii in summer of 2015 for baby's first birthday!  :)  That would be sweet.  And would force me to get my ass back in shape. 

4)  I have gone on two run/walks since hitting the 11 week mark.  I want to get back into a regular exercise/cardio routine.  I was really too paranoid during the first trimester especially with the spotting and I slacked hard core.  Besides walking my dogs every day I really have done nothing.  I plan on doing my run/walk 3 times per week and adding in taking ballet barre every sat.  Also my boss at my Pilates studio wants to teach some of the instructors a barre class where we will get credit to put towards workshops (which we have to take to keep our certification current) so I will get some free classes on sundays for a while.  I am also planning on trying to find a prenatal yoga class that fits into my schedule. 

5)  I am finally going to post some bump pics.  I am adding a page for them so if you don't want to see them you don't have to. 

Okay, that is all for now.  Sorry to such a boring pregnant freak. 

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