Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tri-2 Club and beastliality

It's official.  I am done with the first trimester and now a member of the Tri-2 Club.  Yup, I just made that up.  Seriously I am still shocked that I am pregnant.  Even my expanding belly doesn't really help it to sink in.  The only time I feel like this is real is when I am having an US and the Dr. is confirming that there's a heartbeat, everything looks good and I can see it wiggle around.  Also when I hear the heartbeat.  The rest of the time it's like I am just pretending that I am pregnant.

This is how I celebrated the end of the first trimester and the beginning of the 13th week.  

1)  Bought new maternity pants at target and a maternity shirt.  I kinda hate both of them but they are not hand me downs, they are mine.

2)  Treated myself to a glass of wine in front of a nice fire.  Don't judge me.  This is the first drink I have had since a full week before I knew for sure I was pregnant.  I am choosing to follow the European guidelines for drinking during pregnancy which is 2 drinks per week.  I don't even plan on having one drink per week.  I will just treat myself to one glass of wine every once in a while when I want to.  In case you wanted to know I also haven't smoked any weed at all.  No plans of doing that for the time being.  I'm more inclined to eat an edible than smoke but that's another story.  Let me remind you that where I live it's now legal so put that self righteousness in your pipe and smoke it!

3)  I bought the Sonoline B Fetal Doppler and it should arrive in 3-8 days.  Mad at myself that I didn't order it sooner. 

4)  I painted my nails a very pretty light shell pink and it makes me happy to look at them. 

5)  I ate peanut butter chocolate ice cream.  It was perfect.

Earlier this last week I did the blood draw for the Panorama Genetics tests.  It tells you within 98% accuracy if your baby has a horrible chromosomal disorder like downs or whatever the various other ones are where your baby doesn't live past 3 months.  Horrible.  One of the perks is we also get to find out the gender!  So in about 2 1/2 weeks we will know if our baby is healthy and we will know what we are having.  I equally cannot wait and am super anxious.  It's so hard to not have any control over the outcome.

I will leave you with my latest pregnancy dream.  It's a good one.  And by that I mean disturbing in a beastliality sense.  So in my dream I am breastfeeding my dog.  And I'm cool with it.  I am still pregnant and I know that breastfeeding my dog is only temporary until the baby arrives but hey, I'm lactating and I might as well, ya know?  But then I start to worry that I am wasting all the "good" milk on the dog.  You know how when you first start breastfeeding your milk is filled with colostrum that gives the baby antibodies to protect it from diseases and germs?  Well my concern with the situation was not that I was putting my nipple in my dogs mouth and encouraging her to suckle but that she was stealing all the colostrum.  I guess the pregnancy dreams are starting.

Okay, good night.  And please don't report me to PETA.  


  1. Whoa holy pregnancy dream lol. No judgement here- I particularly like your "put it in your pipe and smoke it" line :) Congrats on tri-2! Enjoy that doppler from what I can tell its worth every penny- anyone Ive ever known thats got one loves it!

    1. Thank you for your no judgement and congrats! Hope you will be needing to buy a doppler soon!

  2. Just found your blog. Been creeping for a couple of weeks. :) Interesting information regarding the Eurpean guidelines for alcohol during pregnancy. My OBGYN with my first recommended a glass of wine at the end of my pregnancy to help me relax and deal with horrible low back pain! I was only 18, so I couldn't even buy it! Congratulations on the pregnancy! Your tiny bump picture is adorable! I can't wait to see more!

  3. Yay for second tri! I'm so jealous, so many women are able to get the screening bloodtest that tells the gender so early!

  4. I am so glad to hear things are going well for you!! We just found out we are having a girl. Knowing the sex of the baby makes it feel so much more real! So happy for you...

  5. Yay for reaching the second trimester! The doppler was really a lifesaver for me. Because I'm a Negative Nancy, Ball O' Stress, etc. It's probably good that you waited to order it though-- I know some people have trouble hearing the heartbeat earlier.
    Soon, the weeks will start flying by! So excited for you. :)

    1. Thank you, I'm so excited for you! You are soooo close! Ack!

  6. I'm right there with you on feeling like I'm pretending to be pregnant until I hear/see the baby. Let me know how the doppler works for you; I've heard good and bad things about them so I'm on the fence about ordering one. Congrats on reaching the second trimester!

    And damn you, now I want peanut butter chocolate ice cream.

  7. You're so funny. I laughed so hard when I read about your dream. I have had some bloody weird pregnancy dreams as well, so many sex dreams it's hilarious. I am so excited for you to find out the gender I think you're having a girl :)
    It makes everything so much more exciting knowing and it feels really more real.
    Welcome to the second trimester as well. It's so awesome, everyone tells you that you're glowing when really you just feel like a fatty.