Thursday, July 10, 2014

10 days...

Since it's 10 pm already it's really like 9 days left but 10 days has a better ring to it, don't you think? 

10 days until my due date...I'm definitely a lot more freaked out than last time I wrote.  I feel like the SATs are looming and I haven't studied enough. 

My body is starting to fall apart so I am actually starting to welcome the thought of not being pregnant anymore.  I am still sad about not feeling Hazy move inside me anymore and I will miss my belly (my slightly less pregnant, more manageable belly I had 6 weeks ago) but my feet feel like I'm walking on two giant bruises.  Apparently the ONLY place on my body that doesn't have fat on it are the balls of my feet.  My knees feel like they are going to blow out every time I bend down due to all the added weight I've packed on.  I am also noticing that my sacrum and pubic bone feel vulnerable, like they just might separate with any little misstep.  My thighs have gotten so fat (and have multiple giant red tiger stripe stretch marks from crotch to knees) that they chaff together and get really sweaty.  When I sit my belly rests on top of my thighs and that gets really sweaty too.  My boobs have become giant sagging, uneven udders that rest heavily on my belly.  They get sweaty and I have developed a lovely heat rash underneath them.  I'm super sexy. 

It's been really hot here which normally I love with a passion.  I poo pooed everyone who commented that I would be miserable when summer came around.  It's hard to admit it but they were totally right.  The heat makes EVERYTHING so much harder.  I went through my 20 plus pairs of maternity jeans (all given to me 2nd hand) trying to find a pair to turn into cut offs (long knee length cut offs) and I almost cried because about 90% of them don't even fit me anymore. 

Okay enough complaining. 

My sister's bachelorette party was a success.  Thank goodness two of my other sisters helped me do some last minute planning and then helped me decorate and set up.  The pole dancing class was pretty awesome.  I really want to take another class after my abdominals have repaired themselves.  The strip club was sad and pathetic.  I can't believe that that is the best Seattle has to offer the ladies.  It shameful.  I still haven't gotten pictures from it but I will post some when I do.  I am relieved that it is over and happy that my sister had a good time. 

We have 2 more birth classes left.  The last one will be a repeat breast feeding class that we took early in case I go into labor before then.  There is only one couple due before us out of the whole class.  I am so curious to see if they show up next week.  A couple of weeks ago the instructor (The world famous Doula Penny Simkin) used a vagina puppet to demonstrate perineal was awesome!

The house hunt is still in full swing.  We have seen at least 35 houses in the last month.  It's amazing how many shitty houses are out there in the world.  Who designs these monsters?  We have had a couple of chances to bid on a house but have decided that for various reasons we wouldn't be happy long term with them so we have backed out before wasting our money on pre inspections.  We are just waiting to pounce on that magical house that has all the right elements in the right location.  So yeah, no house for us yet.  At least the shock of our situation has worn off and we have gotten used to this new reality. 

I have a doula appt tomorrow and will be forced to admit that we still haven't written our birth plan. 

Good news is I got a negative for group strep B so I don't have to be hooked up to IV antibiotics the whole labor!  Thank god.  My iron levels have slightly increased too so that's also great news.  I am still in the zone to proactively head off hemorrhaging with a pitocin shot in my thigh as soon as the baby comes out....I am thinking about it.  Since my numbers are up a little I am leaning towards skipping it and only doing the pitocin shot if I actually truly am bleeding too much.  I don't want to get a shot of pitocin unnecessarily if I'm not having any abnormal bleeding.  There's always something to stress over.  But my BP is really good still and I am measuring at 40 weeks already so my growth is perfect.  My midwife estimated on Tues that Hazy is about 7 lbs!  Remember all that bullshit about IUGR?  If I go two weeks late then she might be 8.5 lbs!  

I had my last night of teaching tonight.  I wont go back to teaching until Oct.  I am hoping to still nanny half days next week because I am soooooo broke.  I only saved a fraction of the money I was hoping to save for my 12 plus weeks of unpaid maternity leave.  I am super stressed out about it.  Hopefully my body holds up just one more week and Hazy doesn't come early.  Every hour I can squeeze in counts. 

Alright, I guess that's all there is to catch you up on.  Despite all the complaining and whining I really am excited to meet my baby girl.  It is bizarre to me that at the very most in 3 short weeks I will have a baby.  I will be a mom.  It's still so abstract. 

(ps. I posted a new belly pic on the belly pic page)


  1. I'm sorry you are feeling so uncomfortable. I only had a few really hot days after I was full term and I was not a happy camper. I hope the next 10 days go smoothly for you.

    What are you going to do for childcare when u go back to work? Too bad you couldn't bring Hazy with you when you Nanny the other kids...

    I can't wait to read your next update because I bet it will be the birth announcement! :)

  2. WOW 10 days! This is the most uncomfortable part. Hang in there! Can't wait to "meet" Hazy!

  3. I've learned that pregnancy is anything by sexy. Sweaty boobs? Yep. Hobbit feet? Yep. Grunting like a pig every time I have to get up from the bed/couch? You betcha. I'm so thrilled to be where I am, but I've never felt so much like a whale!

    This sounds so cliche, but I think the right house will fall into your lap when you least expect it and it'll be absolutely perfect for the three(!) of you. Yay for testing negative for group B strep and your iron levels increasing. I can't believe you only have 10(ish) days left!

  4. Bummer about the discomforts and misery during this heat wave. Hope it lets up soon and you get a break before labor. I hope Hazy's size at birth is perfect for where she needs to be, although I can't say I'm not interested to see the outcome to compare the IUGR diagnosis by ultrasound vs. midwife assessment. I hear ya on the unpaid maternity leave. Hope you get in some hours this week to relieve some stress. So excited that you are so close to meeting Hazy!!

  5. Hang in there! You look great! I'll pray that a house comes along so you don't feel so stressed :(

  6. Home stretch!

    You know, everyone warned me that I would miss Molly moving inside me, but I really didn't. It was a little weird at first if I had a twinge or some gas because I'd automatically think, "Oh, there goes the baby... wait... no...,' but I was so happy to be holding her for real that I can't say I missed the pregnant part. Also, within a week my stomach shrank down to a manageable size (not anywhere near flat, mind you, but at least I don't have to like physically lift it up anymore). It's soooo much easier to move around when you're not 9 months pregnant, trust me. You'll feel like a weight has been lifted.

    Excited for you, as always!

  7. Been thinking of you. Bet you are super happy it has cooled off. Sending peace and strength for the safe arrival of Hazy!

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