Saturday, July 26, 2014

Still pregnant over here...did I trick you?

You all thought I hve been quiet because surely by now I had gone into labor and had a baby, right?  Well don't you feel stupid!!!  I'm STILL pregnant!  I am now 6 days overdue and there are no signs that labor is even close to happening. 

The weather has drastically cooled down which has made things so much easier for me.  I feel about the same as I did two months ago...I'm not super uncomfortable and am able to just do my daily routine like normal.  I have been feeling some braxton hicks off and on but it's still really subtle. 

I had my last day of work last Friday (I managed to work all the way up to my due date!) and just hung out for my first week of maternity leave.  I did keep busy with jury duty one morning and inspecting a house. 

That's the most exciting news, we are buying a house!  We found one, toured it, put a bid in the same night we toured it and spent the next day negotiating with the sellers until they agreed to our offer!  We did an inspection a few days later and decided to go for it.  It's so exciting but also very overwhelming to think of the responsibility and money.  We are barely able to afford it.  We are going to be living a much tighter life style and if anything happens to us or our jobs we are fucked.  It's scary.  But thinking about raising our daughter there and having peace of mind that it's ours and we can be there for as long as we choose is so worth it.  I hope.  We close on Aug. 8th so we are aiming to move as soon as we get the main spaces painted....probably by Aug 15?  My sister's wedding is on Aug. 22 so I want to be moved and settled before then because we have family coming from out of town and I am excited to show off the new house.  And the new baby!!! 

We are just now starting to get really anxious to meet this little baby.  I was pretty certain she would be late so I'm not surprised we are still waiting but now I'm getting anxious for her to come on her own because I don't want to get induced or go so late I have to birth in the hospital.  We have time though.  I am going to acupuncture today and on Monday to try to get things started.  I have been drinking pineapple juice although it doesn't seem to be doing anything.  I am going to eat the pineapple core after acupuncture today.  I ate pineapple core the only time I ever got pregnant so maybe it will also help me go into labor.  We plan on walking a lot this weekend and we had sex last night and intend to get busy a few more times this weekend (and throughout the week if need be).  I have to say thought that sex is pretty boring because we are so limited in positions.  We are down to about two.  I am just too fat and uncomfortable for most of them to work.  It's not even my belly that's the problem half the time but my fat depressing. 

It seems like every day I don't have this baby I get about 5 more stretch marks.  I was doing so great until about 6 weeks ago and didn't have any stretch marks on my belly.  Now is a different story.  And those stretch marks itch!  Everyone kept asking me if my belly itched and I was always able to say no it really doesn't but let me tell you, it's the stretch marks that make it itch!

I was cleaning up the lady bits the other day in prep for labor (I've had anxiety about what should be going on down there) and while using a mirror because that is the only way to see what is happening in that region I realized that I may have a small hemorrhoid.  I'm not 100% sure but maybe.  Luckily I don't have any discomfort or itchiness so I'm just going to ignore it. 

Ok, I need to go to acupuncture so that's all for now.  I will definitely post as soon as anything starts to happen, or in a few days when I am still waiting for Hazy....


  1. Grr, blogger ate my comment. I'll try again.
    Yup, I totally thought your absence meant that Hazy must be here. I am impressed at how patient you seem for someone 6 days past her due date. And congrats on the house! You have some major life changes heading your way, but both of them so exciting! Best of luck in the coming days. I hope you see some action soon!

  2. Well what about now, is she here yet??? :)
    Congrats on the house! That's a lot to do right after having a baby, but it'll be so worth it in the end.
    Can't wait to hear baby has arrived!

  3. I was not tricked! I am much more surprised that you got a house!!!! Such a feat in Seattle. I hope the acupuncture was good for you. Curious if your mom due date prediction is still holding true... Sending happy birthing thoughts your way all the time for whenever Hazy decides she's ready.

  4. Congrats on the house! Such a stressful, yet rewarding process! Can't wait for you to all be settled with your babe in arms.

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