Monday, May 19, 2014

Baby Shower of my dreams

The baby shower happened and it far surpassed my expectations!  My sister, mom and best friend planned and hosted and they just made it beyond perfect.  To say it was the classiest baby shower I've ever been to (and I've been to a lot) is an understatement.  The details that they put into the games, decorating, food were all just so thoughtful and beautiful.

My friend hosted the shower at her dad's condo.  We used the condo building's event space which is a private room with a patio balcony nestled in between sky scrappers.  It overlooks the water in down town Seattle.  A little posh and very classy.  The room has big windows, long L shaped couches and a full kitchenette with a counter bar.

My sister is a super pinterest, crafty, baker type and is amazing at throwing very well thought out parties.  (I am too, it must run in the family...except all I do well is food and booze, not so much the crafty/baker type)  My mom helped her make the party favors (I don't think I've ever been to a shower that had party favors!) and all three of them prepared all the food.

The day of the shower one of my other sisters had crashed on my couch and we were waiting to pick up another sister to all go down town together.  We had some time to kill so we went and got pedicures!  I took my sister to a place in my neighborhood that I had never been before.  I got int the chair and put my feet in the water.  The chair had a remote control to manage the massage settings so I of course hit power and started to enjoy my massage.  The chair was really strong and felt great.  Then it squeezed my butt and I thought to myself, oh that's nice!"  The next thing I know, one of the massage balls girated between my legs and was pushing into my vagina!!!  For real.  At first I was shocked and then I just started cracking up.  I (discretely) warned my sister who at this point was sitting down in the chair next to me and when her chair did the same thing to her she started cracking up too.  The chair did not stop.  It alternated between butt squeezing and fisting us in the puss for the entire time we got our toes done.  I feel really tempted to write a yelp review about the orgasmic pedicure chairs, ha ha!

Onto the shower!  We picked up my other sister and headed down town.  We got there right on time which was a miracle because traffic sucked ass.  It was just amazing.  Pretty much all the important women in my life were there and everyone was (is) just so excited and thrilled for us.  I believe everyone there knew how long it had taken us to conceive and what we had to do to make it happen and I think that made the atmosphere just that much more ecstatic and joyful.

Here are some shots of the party:

 My favorite donuts!  If you remember I had them the morning 
I took my pregnancy test and got my one and only BFP!

Mimosas!!!  I had three (just a splash of champagne in each one).


Grapes and veggies

The spread

The hazelnut cheesecake that my sister MADE!  It tasted 
even better than it looks if that were even possible!

My sister made this banner with my baby's name on it.....
(I guess this is when I reveal her full name) I cannot wait to hang it up in her room! 

See, there were people there but I'm trying to not post people's faces without them knowing...

My favorite game we played was matching all the guests to their
baby pics...I won!  I guessed 20 out of 25 correctly! 

The party favors for the guests.  Little white coffee mug and saucer with hazelnut 
tea, a Roche chocolate and two mini hazelnut biscotti that my sister made. 

Me opening up took about an hour and a half.  So many presents!

Me and my sister who through the shower.  I don't care if her face is on the internet, lol!

Out side on the balcony with all of the Aunties and both Grandmothers!  The girl on 
the far left is my SIL who flew from Minn. to be there and the woman in the yellow 
is my MIL who drove from Oregon.  The rest are my mom and sisters.

Me, wish I wasn't holding my cell phone...

Here are some pics of all the amazing gifts I received:

8 receiving blankets, 4 swaddling blankets and two super awesome crib sheets!

Nursing pads,  pumping accessories, g diapers, changing pad cover, full crib protector sheet and changing pad protectors.

Lotions, potions, shampoos, thermometer and pacifiers.

Food stuff

Swim gear!  I will never have to buy this kid a swim suite!

Tutu, fru fru stuff and cowgirl boots and a baby's first year calender. 

Cute clothes

My mom had the pack of onesies tie dyed from someone on etsy, she knit the leg warmers 
to match and my friend who helped throw the shower got her this super cute hat! 

 An old childhood friend made this amazing quilt by hand...I just cant even believe that
people know how to do this and someone did this just for MY baby!  I'm in awe. 

Shoes!!!  The bottom ones are made of felt and came all the way from Nepal!

I don't have pictures but you will see when I do the baby room reveal (happening soon I promise!) that we also got a perfect glider and ottoman, two baby gates and a diaper genie with another shampoo and g diaper.  My mother also sent us a Peter Rabbit baby book and a few of the tiny Peter Rabbit books along with a stuffed Jemima Puddle Duck that is freaking adorable!  I also received a couple of gift cards so on Sunday I went to target and picked up the sound spa, a grooming kit, baby hangers, a coat hook thing to hang in Hazy's room, baby wipes, a regular thermometer and probably other stuff that I am forgetting. 

All of this on top of all the maternity clothes, baby clothes and other huge baby items that people just gave us for free.  We have been royally spoiled rotten!  

There are a few items that we need to purchase....we plan on getting a used Bob running stroller off of craigslist and I want the car seat attachment to go with it.  We also are going to buy an Ergo baby carrier off of one of my friends.  I need to buy a few more med/lg sized g diapers and that pretty much does it!  

I have nine more weeks until my due date....NINE!  Is this shit for real?


  1. Looks like a great shower and you got lots of beautiful gifts!! I love, love, love the dress you are wearing!! And wow, only 9 weeks? Single digits!!

  2. What an amazing shower (and can we agree that donuts are the best idea EVER?!) I'm so happy that you got to experience a shower so full of love and support, Hazy is going to be one loved little girl. I love her name by the way!

  3. Aw that looks awesome! So glad you had fun! Love her sweet little name!

  4. I have to admit, I'm pretty jealous, because that is exactly the kind of shower I want to have. I threw my bestie a shower 2 years ago, and it was so similar to yours. It looks like the perfect day and lots of darling gifts! Can I wear those red cowboy boots? I die. And can I just say how gorgeous you looked that day?! So happy for you and counting down the days with you now!

  5. Your shower, your gifts...everything looks so gorgeous! Yay, I'm so glad you had such an amazing shower (aren't sisters the best?) I'm also loving how you laid out and photographed each gift. Now you'll always be able to look back and see all the great stuff you got. Pretty sweet! And that swimwear is just too cute for words.

  6. What a great shower! You look beautiful and the food looks delicious. I especially love the elephant quilt. Such cute stuff!!!

  7. Freaking awesome! So happy that you were surrounded with good food, love and gifts. Wow, seriously impressive! Glad the timing of the shower provided a break from the stress. Hopefully you can ride the waves of happiness from it for a while.