Friday, October 25, 2013

It's an exciting time to be an infertile!

Sorry for this boring post.  I have nothing remotely exciting to report.

I took my clomid wed-sun last week and had my FSH injection on tues afternoon.  I have been POAS every afternoon since this wed which was CD10.  I have an ultrasound tomorrow afternoon to see how many follicles are looking mature enough to count.  Sat will be CD13 and I would LOVE it if the follies looked big enough to get the trigger shot and come back for the IUI on Sunday...but that won't happen.  I will probably ovulate on Mon or Tues and will have to scramble and have a giant stress freak out to try to schedule the IUI on one of my two busiest work days.  Maybe my body will do me a solid and stall until wed.  I have a few hours on wed afternoon when I could easily stop in for a quick IUI and then be on my way.  Yes, at this point it is that casual.

In other IF related offenses my husband came home from work this week with the news I've been expecting.  His coworker announced that her wife is 12 weeks pregnant.  Back in Jan last year I talked to them at a party about how they were going to start TTC.  I've been waiting for their announcement since then and now its official, lesbians are getting pregnant with more ease and speed than we can.  I think its wonderful that they are able to have the family that they wish for but I can't even describe how frustrated I feel that I have tried 100 times harder and a million years longer and still have never gotten a BFP.  It leaves me feeling hopeless.

I am still so relieved my silly friends scheduled my BF's baby shower on the Sunday of thanksgiving weekend.  I feel a little bad because so many people are RSVPing "no" because of the holiday but so happy to have a legitimate excuse!  I will be in Minn. visiting my brother/sister in law and our two nephews.  I'm looking forward to it.  My sister in law is a dermatologist and makes a sickening amount of money for very little time spent at work (in my opinion).  They have a giant, gorgeous house overlooking a picturesque town on the St Croix river.  My brother in law gets to be a stay at home dad.  And I married an artist....anyway, there I go again being all bitter and judgmental.  I do really enjoy doing thanksgiving at their house.

I have been avoiding carving my pumpkin for Barren Betty's carving contest.  I said I was going to participate but I really dislike carving pumpkins so I might punk out.  I have been working on my lollipop kid costume though!  I had a party to go to but then it turned into a kids party that starts at 1pm so by the time I show up at 5 all the kids will be in full on tantrum mode and need to go home.  So that should be fun.  I'll post a pic of me in my costume next time.

Some shout outs to my IF peeps, first congrats to Jennifer Juniper on her BFP!  I am anxiously keeping my fingers crossed for Amanda at Beloved Burned Toast and holding my breath for Risa at Who Shot Down My Stork.  I am also excited to vicariously live through The Cork and Stork's upcoming transfer and hoping that maybe Sensitive Ginger's first IUI results in a BFP!  It's an exciting time to be an infertile,  am I right?  No?  It still sucks shit?  Yeah I guess you're right.

Til next time...

Disclaimer:  I read my post and saw a typo...somewhere there is a "there" that is supposed to be a "their".  I can't find it now...its driving me fucking crazy!  Please tell me where it is so I can fix it!!!

Nvmd....found it!


  1. Hoping your body stalls until Wednesday! Wishing you the best with this cycle. It is a little disappointing when lesbians can get pregnant easier than I can with my husband. I have some fb friends in that situation. Sounds like you will have a fabulous Thanksgiving vacation!! :)

  2. Lesbians/single moms can have infertility too. The only thing they do not have to contend with is male factor-related infertility, yes, but they are at equal risk for all the female factor-related roads to infertility.

    This is a bitch disease which can get anybody at any time.

  3. Hoping your IUI is held off till Wednesday! It sounds like you are going to have a nice trip away for Thanksgiving! Enjoy it!

  4. Thanks for the shout-out, girl!! I recently encountered a happy lesbian couple at my clinic. Their happiness made me realize how somber and serious everyone there usually is... meanwhile, they were giggling and giddy. It must be a totally different experience.

  5. Ahhh thanks for the shout out!! You're next!! xoxoxoxo