Tuesday, December 10, 2013

catching up...

Hey there.  Thought I would post although not much has been happening since our US last wed.  I have to wait another week and one day before our next US...I can't wait!

I still dont have many symptoms...I keep waiting to have a wave of nausea hit me like a brick wall but so far there's been nothing.  I feel fat but not bloated and honestly I was already about 10 lbs fatter than my "normal" weight when I got pregnant so no wonder.  I kinda already look like I'm showing a bump but I know its really just fat :(

I still have no increased sense of smell, no cravings or food aversions.  No nausea.  I am peeing once in the middle of the night but during the day I dont really feel like I'm using the bathroom that much more than normal.  There have been a few times that I waited too long to eat and I started to feel a little sick (and a whole lot bitchy) but then as soon as I eat in feel fine.  I haven't really had as many crampy type sensations either.  It makes it seem like this is not real.  I keep looking at my last US pic and remember how that little heart was beating so beautifully to try to reassure myself.

It just astounds me that I might be getting off sooo easy in the first trimester!  My mother was so sick throughout the entire pregnancies of all five of us girls.  Before I had my surgery my periods were so terrible I would routinely throw up and be miserable so I've always assumed I would have horrible morning sickness.  This makes me think that the baby is not growing and developing normally or worse...I'm having a boy!  Totally just kidding!  I do REALLY want a girl but my husband was such a cute little boy (so was my dad) so I think I can cope if it turns out to have a little penis.  I am kind of looking forward to announcing I have penis growing inside me if it is indeed a boy, he he.  Tacky, yes.  But too fucking funny to pass up!

Seriously though I have read that there is a connection with girls having higher HCG (I think that's the hormone) levels and those higher levels make you experience nausea more strongly.  I asked my Dr and she confirmed that there is some truth to it but you never know till the anatomy scan.  I guess I will have to wait until Feb.

I need to start working on my reveal project for when/how I tell my family.  Remember they are all still in the dark about my pregnancy.  Only one of my sisters knows.  I'm telling them on Christmas eve or Christmas depending on how things go.  Here's how I'm going to do it.  I'm going to give them all a calander (each person gets one) filled with pics of me, my husband and my dogs.  They are going to roll their eyes and laugh at how conseeded we are and probably just give us a lot of shit.  But then whoever is the first one to turn to July will be the first one to realize we are pregnant because July's pic will be the newest US picture and I will write in "DUE DATE!" on July 20.  It will be so fun to see who figures it out first and to see everyone's reactions.  I wish I could fast forward to Christmas right now!!  I haven't been this excited for Christmas since I found out about Santa!

In other random news, we are hosting a turtleneck party at my house on Sat so I need to clean my house and make food, etc.  I bought a hilarious magenta, vintage 80's turtleneck dress to wear.  Its awesome.  I'm just hoping I dont look too fat (or pregnant) since none of our friends know yet.  I would probably tell everyone at the party our big news but I dont feel like it's fair to tell friends before my parents know.

Ok, I guess that covers things for now.  Hope everyone is taking care of themselves and hanging in there!


  1. Everyone has been telling me that the lack of morning sickness means it will be a boy... who knows. I guess time will tell!! I am glad not to be feeling sick though, that's for sure.

    Have fun at your party! oh, and what a fun way to tell your family :)

  2. I love your plan to tell your family and am looking forward to the blog post describing how it all goes down!

    Symptoms are certainly reassuring (if uncomfortable) and I know its hard not to worry, but the lack of them doesn't mean something is wrong. I hope time passes quickly for you until your next ultrasound.

  3. I had zero illness with both of my pregnancies, one boy and one girl. Sadly I lost my girl at 9 weeks, but I felt fine up until then. Some people are just lucky and don't get sick. Be glad!

  4. I'm 13 weeks and still not nauseated in the least! Don't worry, it happens to many.

    I really want a girl too (shhh, don't tell anyone), and I heard that rumor about boys causing fewer symptoms. I have a friend who has a girl that also experienced zero morning sickness, so there's still hope. But you're right, I think at this point I'd be happy with anything.

    Such a cute way to break the news. Have fun at the party!

  5. What an adorable way of telling your family! They're going to love it!

  6. I love the idea of how you are going to tell your family!! I can't wait to see the calender!!

  7. Okay let's hope my horrible nausea/symptoms mean girl... because I really want a girl! lol!

    That calendar idea is so adorable!!

  8. I haven't been sick either so maybe I have two boys in there! My step daughter would be very cool with that. I don't care either way.. My due date is in July too! Love the calendar idea. My next sono is a week from today so I feel your pain on the waiting. Ugh.

  9. Love your idea!!!! What a fun way to tell!!! Congrats!

  10. How freaking cool that you are cruising along without horrible morning sickness. I also anticipate experiencing all the worst since I am so sensitive. Hope that I am as lucky as you. Such a fun idea to reveal your pregnancy. What's the update on your midwife?

  11. I had NO symtoms (except a hate of eggs/smell of BBQ) with my 1st and she is ALL girl.

    My hCG and progesterone were low as well.

    They were also low with this pregnancy (though I had HORRIBLE ms this time).

    It's another girl :)

  12. Hello there! I am new to your blog. I am planning to go back and read your whole story. First and foremost congratulations on your pregnancy. Your reveal idea is so cute and unique. BTW my mother only had morning sickness with my brother. For the rest of her pregnancies she had 0 symptoms. Best of luck! Hope you get your girl.

    PS we are scarf swap buddies